Air Conditioning Installation

Service Overview

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Professional Air Conditioning Replacement from One of Northern Virginia’s Top HVAC Companies

A-Advantage has served the region including Alexandria and Manassas for more than 25 years and has just as much experience installing air conditioning in homes. We fully understand the importance of a working AC, and that excessive heat can make a home unbearable and unhealthy. Whether you need an AC unit for the first time or a replacement, our technicians will help you select the right unit and install it without hassle, completely and without error the first time.

Signs You Need New Air Conditioning

Many people ignore the symptoms of a bad AC. Perhaps they think the problem will resolve on its own or the issue isn’t that serious. Ignoring the warning signs will lead to trouble later. A small problem can quickly escalate to a major one that’s expensive to fix or trigger a sudden breakdown when you least want it to happen. Call for professional service if:

  • Air is not cool: If you set the temperature and the air from the vents isn’t as cool or is not cool at all, the system may be low on coolant or need a new compressor. This is an expensive job, and you’re better off replacing the unit.
  • Airflow is weak: Various issues can obstruct airflow, from blocked or leaky ductwork to failing compressors. Debris in the vents can impede airflow, which can pollute the air in your home depending on what’s collecting in the ducts.
  • Noise: Common sounds air conditioning experts are familiar with include grinding, squealing, or grating noises. They usually signal a mechanical problem; for example, a squeal often originates from a slipped belt or unlubricated metal component, while broken motor bearings may grind.
  • Visible moisture: A leak near an AC component can be due to a refrigerant leak, which is a hazard that needs to be dealt with immediately, or water from a drain tube. Any leak or condensation problem must be fixed to avoid mold and water damage.
  • Odors: You might smell something foul and pungent—which can mean burnt-out wire insulation—or a musty odor that often points to mold in the ductwork or AC unit. Mold can spread quickly, so it’s important to call a professional right away.

Air Conditioning Services

A-Advantage is proud to offer the following services to keep your air conditioning running efficiently and free of breakdowns:

  • Same-day compressor, filter, air handler, and thermostat repairs.
  • Fast resolution of air conditioner problems by skilled HVAC technicians.
  • A maintenance program that saves customers time, money, and stress.
  • A warranty program to cover common issues and protect customers.
  • Service contracts on nearly every HVAC system we work with.
  • 24/7 emergency services so you don’t wait long for repairs.

No matter what kind of service you need (repairs, installation, or air conditioner replacement), we can offer a quote online. Call us at 703-461-6701 in Alexandria or 703-368-7855 in Manassas for information on air conditioning installation and to schedule a visit by our air conditioner experts.